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 Case Study For Real Estate Agents With Back IRS Issues:
"How To Fully Resolve Back IRS Debt In The Best Way Possible & Move On With Life (Even If 5-6+ Figures Are Owed) "
Our FREE Case Study Shows:

- How To Stop IRS Fees & Interest (Usually Hundreds Of Dollars Per Month)

- How To Protect Commissions & Bank Accounts From The IRS 

- The 3 Options To Permanently Settle With The IRS, Once And For All
About This Case Study
Real estate agents with back IRS issues are tired of the stress and headaches, and are looking for straightforward, unbiased advice to resolve their issue once and for all.

In this case study, Roy Thornton II, owner and licensed tax professional, goes into detail about how to fight IRS fees and interest, how to stop the IRS from enforced collections activities, and how to permanently resolve the issue, once and for all..

Those who need more help can apply for a Tax Analysis Session with Roy Thornton II personally at the end of the case study.

About Your Presenter
Roy C. Thornton, II
Owner, Real Estate Agent Tax Resolution

Bachelors in Science, Accountancy

Masters in Science, Taxation

Licensed Tax Professional (Enrolled Agent)

Enrollment Number: 120415-EA
What To Expect In Dealing With The IRS
I'm not here to paint a misleading picture : dealing with the IRS takes hard work, total responsibility, and and sacrifice.  There's tons of unscrupulous tax firms out there promising that taxpayers can settle for "pennies on the dollar", and that they can make back tax debt totally go away.  Nothing in this video is intended to give that impression.  This kind of relief is possible in maybe only 5% of cases.  This video is about reality, and acknowledging reality to get to the best possible outcome allowed.

What I can promise my viewers is that there is a solution for every IRS tax problem.  There is always a solution better than paying the IRS a huge sum that is unaffordable, or worrying about levies and garnishments.  However, to get that solution, those with back IRS debt need to understand IRS rules, and how to play the IRS game.  This video is an introduction to these concepts.
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